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Road map:

Conducting pre-ico and ico

May 2018

Bitproperty Fund launch

August 2018

Carrying out a tokenization of
the first investment projects

October 2018

The Ecosystem (beta)

December 2018

In 2017, the volume of investment transactions in the global real estate market reached 677 billion dollars.

With the proper use of marketing budgets, we believe it is realistic to expect that every 1/1000 transaction will take place on our platform, which gives us a 0.1% market share. Based on this forecast and the average commission level from transactions - 1.5-3.5%, we expect an annual income of $ 23.695 million as early as 2019.


Expertise Our experts have the experience of successful investment in real estate and know the criteria of a profitable project

High profitability In single cities, such as Dubai, Moscow, Sochi and others, real estate is a highly profitable, reliable method of investing

Reliability All payments are protected by smart contracts Ethereum ERC20

BitProperty Platform is now the leader

The specialists, who are included in BitProperty Fund, are now leaders in real estate transactions, each in its own segment:
(WhiteWill) - the leader in transactions with luxury real estate
(RealCapital) - the leader in the development of commercial real estate
(MarkInvestGroup) - the leader in sales of investment property

In the future, a decentralized application (Dapp) will be developed on the Ethereum platform.


BitProperty serving the real estate market

BitProperty serving the real estate market

It's easy to start!


Sending ETH


Smart Contract Bitproperty automatically sends you BPS tokens


Your investments grow with the number of investment projects that we tokenize


For BPS tokens, you can buy any real estate tokens on the Bitproperty platform, and sell BPS and get an ETH


The executive team for managing BitProperty

Nikolai Plekhanov CEO & Founder

Ruslan Mamedov Commercial Advisor

Markunasova Anna Associate Director, Investments

Kashirskikh Tatyana Professional Real Estate Broker

Fedorovich Dmitry Associate Director, Investments

Technical team

Alexander Shishkin Technical Director, Block Engineer

Korchagin Mikhail Head of Marketing Department

Korchagin Alexey Technical Specialist

Professional consultants

Oleg Torbosov Founder whitewill, Investment Advisor Moscow

Irik Rafikov Founder of real-capital, real estate investment in Sochi

Jan Palmachinsky ICO Counselor, founder of endo - Encrypted Documents


What is BitProperty Ecosystem?

BitProperty Ecosystem is an ecosystem that fully covers the cycle of investing in high-yield projects and helps prospective real estate objects from all over the world to find financing. Within the ecosystem, there is also an investment fund that deals with real estate investment in the early stages of construction.

On what terms do you work with investors?

We form an investment portfolio in the amount of 30 ETH. The fund's commission for portfolio income is 35%.

Why do you invest in real estate at an early stage of construction?

Because, we believe that the capitalization of the real estate market in individual cities, can grow at times. We already see this, and most investors are not yet there.

Why is it better to invest through a fund, not yourself?

In order to invest independently, you need experience in the area where you invest and a large amount of time. The investment portfolio requires control and management in 24/7 mode. Yes, you can still try, but then put yourself at great risk and the effectiveness of your investments will be significantly lower than if you use the services of our experts. Than to risk alone, it is better to attract a team of professionals to your partners, which deals with this professionally.

How do you select objects for investment?

That we paid attention to the real estate object, it should be one of the best in its location. We select objects based on our basic requirements. In accordance with our requirements, we analyze how promising the investment project, its team, the technical details of the project, how safe it is in implementation, legal documents and other details.

And where is the evidence that your fund is not MLM or the pyramid?

The essence of the pyramid is the payment of remuneration to the previous participants at the expense of the subsequent ones. This scheme is usually disguised as an industrial, financial or trading company. However, in reality such ''companies'' can not provide any reliable confirmations and intelligible explanations of their activities. In contrast, we have detailed the scheme to increase your investment portfolio in White Paper BitProperty Ecosystem. In addition, our foundation is supported and advised by experts with a positive reputation in the investment community.

How do experts work with the investment portfolio?

The investment portfolio consists of at least 25 instruments and a certain proportion of a dozen parameters should be allocated for each acquisition. Decisions on investing a portfolio in an asset are based on the results of econometric analysis and do not depend on the personal preferences of experts, and the restriction on the minimum number of investment instruments allows to minimize risks as much as possible. We work only with experienced and reliable consultants. The average term of work in the examination among all members of our team is about 15 years, so we understand what optimal strategy will ultimately benefit us and our investors.

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